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Brewing coffee for yourself, family, or friends becomes effortlessly convenient with an electric coffee maker. However, the question arises: Can you achieve a satisfying cup of coffee with a home brewer? This guide aims to demonstrate how to produce excellent-tasting coffee using your automatic coffee maker.

Understanding Coffee Makers

Automatic coffee makers mimic a large pour-over process by releasing hot water over ground coffee within a brew basket and into a carafe. Four essential components define every automatic coffee maker: a reservoir, shower head, brew basket, and carafe.

Reservoir: The reservoir stores and heats water, with the quality of the heating element significantly influencing coffee quality. Consistency in water temperature is crucial, as brewing too hot or too cool impacts the final result.

Shower Head: Heated water flows through a shower head, distributing it over the ground coffee. The shower head's design and perforations influence the extraction process during brewing.

Brew Basket: Holding a paper filter containing ground coffee, the brew basket allows water to pass through and exit through perforations at the bottom, ultimately entering the carafe.

Carafe: Brewed coffee collects in a metal or glass carafe, with glass carafes often featuring a heating element to maintain warmth. For optimal taste, it's recommended to choose a coffee maker with a double-walled insulated carafe to keep the coffee hot without further cooking it.

Coffee Maker Coffee Ratio 

A suggested water-to-coffee ratio is 17:1, translating to approximately 10 grams of coffee per cup.

Coffee Maker Coffee Grind

Opt for a medium grind with a texture resembling table salt. Too fine a grind may cause overflow and over-extraction, while too coarse a grind may result in under-extraction.

Coffee Maker Recipe

Water-to-Coffee Ratio: 17:1

Water: 1020g

Coffee: 60g

Grind: Medium (table salt)

How to Use a Coffee Maker

Add Water: Utilize the graduated markings on the water reservoir to add the appropriate amount of cold water for the desired number of cups.

Grind Coffee: Measure 10 grams of coffee beans per cup and grind to a medium consistency.

Add Filter and Coffee: Place the filter in the brew basket, ensuring a snug fit against the walls. Add ground coffee, shake to flatten the coffee bed.

Brew: Switch on the brewer or enable brew mode, letting the machine handle the rest.
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